Friday, 11 December 2009

Gig review: Alestorm - Central Station, Wrexham - 11/12/2009

To put this review in context, let me start of by saying, there have been very few times in my life when a gig has been so poor that I’ve left early. Tonight is one of those nights.

First up was Eden’s Curse (4). Now, don’t get me wrong, I like the odd bit of power metal, but this band exemplified all that’s wrong with the genre. Poorly written songs, played to a mediocre standard with a lead singer who could’ve, basically, been pulled out of the crowd. Not even a cover of Steel Dragon’s We All Die Young could save their set (for those not familiar with Steel Dragon, go watch the movie Rock Star.)

Next up was The Rotted (6) a band who’re normally a pleasure to watch, thought tonight a combination of a terrible sound mix, a poor crowd reaction and their inclusion on a bill that a hardcore-tinged death metal band have no right being on, leads to a lacking performance, definitely a band you’re better off seeing on a all death metal show.

Finally we had Alestorm (5), a band who have become little more than a joke. And an over told joke that isn’t funny any more. Sure, the crowd were excited to see their favourite pirate metal band and they play all their “hits”, but with an hour set and only two albums, that’s not exactly hard. It doesn’t help that the sound near the stage is atrocious; with keytar being pretty much all you can hear. The fact that that it sounds far better from the sound desk implies that Alestorm need to hire a sound engineer who knows what he’s doing. It was about 40 minutes in to the set that I decided to leave, there was nothing worth staying for. Alestorm’s brand of jaunty pirate metal was at best a novelty, and the novelty has most defiantly worn off.

Overall gig rating: 5/10.

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