Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Checking in.

Hey guys,

Muchos apologies for the near month-long silence! Been having computer issues.
Thought I'd stop by and let y'all know I'm not dead!

I'm off to see SOiL and Shinedown tonight in Wolverhampton, should be ace! Never seen Shinedown live (though this is only their 2nd time on our fair shores anyway) been a long time fan of their records. And haven't seen SOiL in a long time, last time was down in London, they were supporting Damage Plan and still had Ryan McCombs on vocals. So definatly an exciting night! And shall have a review up for you shortly.

Also in the pipeline are album reviews of Ensiferum, the latest Amon Amarth re-issue and a look at the debut album from The Atlas Moth (a band you really need to check out!)

Right, I'm gonna go grab a beer and chill out before the gig!

Laters all.

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